About AgroSpray

Since 1959, AgroSpray Limited has served the Canadian agricultural industry with specialized crop protection products, equipment, services, and a complete line of balanced, high performance Liquid Fertilizers. AgroSpray supports sustainable agriculture by providing producers of all sizes with innovative and environmentally responsible solutions, helping them to be efficient and progressive in the industry.

In 1974, AgroSpray pioneered bulk storage and delivery of agricultural products in Canada and has set the industry standard for efficient distribution. With over 800,000 litres of storage at our bulk terminal, we offer timely, cost effective logistics across our complete product line.

We are proud to offer a complete line of CanGrow liquid fertilizers and products, including Bioline products. CanGrow formulations deliver customized crop fertilizer advantages, so growers can address their specific needs and optimize crop yields. Our proven, comprehensive and easily implemented programs provide complete nutrient fertilizers that promote crop growth and achieve not only higher yielding seasons, but crops of superior quality.

In the specialty crop market, we have become known as the "custom fumigation specialists". Our Custom Fumigation Team is equipped with proven technology and machinery to ensure accurate and precise placement of soil fumigants.

AgroSpray Services

Custom Fumigation
  • Broadcast or Row treatments,
  • Ginseng, Berries, Vegetables, Fruits
  • Specialty Crops
Soil Fumigation Equipment
  • Tobacco, Tomatoes, Potatoes
  • Orchards and Vineyards
Liquid Fertilizer Equipment Retrofitting
  • Side Dress Units, Planter Units
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Soil Sampling
  • Field Mapping
  • Fertility Needs
  • Nematode and Disease Analysis

Providing the best solution for sustainable agricultural growth.

About AgroSpray