The unseen enemies – nematodes and soil-borne diseases – can have a devastating effect on your crops. Nematodes feed on root systems, robbing plants of vigor and leaving them vulnerable to destructive soil-borne diseases. Serious infestations can reduce yields by more than 50% and impair quality to the point where the crop is unsaleable. For over 55 years, AgroSpray has been known as the soil fumigation specialist. Busan 1236 is recommended for the control of germinating weed seeds; nematodes and a number of soil-borne diseases. AgroSpray offers unparalleled custom fumigation technology. Our custom fumigation team offers a complete service utilizing radar speed control, computerized spray monitor and power roller. You value your crops... and the AgroSpray Custom Fumigation team is here to help you protect them. AgroSpray strives to be a good steward of soil fumigants. At every point, our goal is to handle Busan with care, and ultimately deliver a quality product to the end users. We strive to ensure that users are equipped to handle and apply Busan in a responsible way that produces maximum benefits

Busan 1236

Active Ingredient: Metam Sodium 42.5%

Busan 1236 is a water soluble liquid. When applied to properly prepared soil, the liquid is converted into a gaseous fumigant.

Busan 1236 is recommended for the control of the following soil-borne pests that attack ornamental, food and fibre crops: weeds and germinating weed seeds (annual bluegrass, bermudagrass, chickweed, dandelion, ragweed, henbit, lambsquarters, pigweed, Johnsongrass, wild morningglory) as well as nematodes and soil-borne diseases (Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Phytophthora, Verticillium, Sclerotinia and club root of crucifers).

Custom Fumigation

AgroSpray offers professional, accurate and timely custom fumigation. When you want a "turn-key" solution, with electronic application monitoring, tractor, applicator, manpower and product in one complete package--we are the experts.