Our Family of Liquid Fertilizers

AgroSpray Limited is pleased to offer an array of quality products from Cangrow and Bioline. Please see below a sample of our products. Pdf’s of the products we have are inserted All our crop solutions are custom blended fertilizer elements with added bio stimulants. The result is a formulation tailored per crop, farm, and field basis to increase yield quantity and quality, while optimizing the genetic potential of the seed. We provide customized foliar and drip applications throughout the season to meet the needs of your crop. The plant tells the story and we develop the course of action.

The unique manufacturing process allows AgroSpray to custom blend the individual products in virtually any combination to meet specific crop needs. For even greater performance, micro and secondary nutrients can be added to any mix. The ability to offer custom blends is extremely unique in the market and unparalleled by any other liquid fertilizer manufacturer.

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Product Guide: Planting, Foliar & Side Dressing
is a premium quality liquid fulvic acid that is compatible with all agricultural inputs. BioLiNE® Gold is a potent bio-stimulant that enhances crop health and vigor, improving yields.
(8-0-18) is a true biostimulant product. Using “next generation” technology, it is designed to enhance root activity while improving bloom set as well as grain sizing and bulking.
How many acres does it take to feed your cows? Dairy Max products will help you feed more cows on fewer acres.
is designed to strengthen uptake from your soil bank of nutrients, reduce abiotic and biotic stresses, to produce higher quality or quantity forages; at times, both!
is a premier sidedress nutrient product. It contains the amine form of nitrogen, potassium and magnesium as well as critical micronutrients and bio stimulants.
The PowerStart family of products are neutral, low pH forming solutions of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and sulfur. Included are Bio-Forge, PercPlus, and critical micronutrients—zinc, manganese, and copper.
DeltAg Seed Coat is a hopper box seed treatment for all crops. It is a micronutrient-vitamin-amino acid complex designed to give the seed a boost to get plants out of the ground and growing. It has a talc/graphite base and can be used in their stead.
The sulphur in Sulphur Xtra is 100% plant available sulphate.