Responsible Nutrient Management and Responsible Care

Responsible Nutrient Management requires the application of more usable plant food and in smaller quantities and stressing the importance of balanced formulations that include micro nutrients, precision placement, and prescription programs. The complete line of CanGrow liquid fertilizers achieve the same, and often better, results than conventional fertilizers.

Responsible Nutrient Management advocates using the most efficient cultural practices and usable plant nutrition products available. When the highest percentage of applied nutrients ends up producing a crop yield, the least environmental risk is created. Nutrients that are taken up to produce food and fiber do not end up in streams and lakes.

Responsible Nutrient Management

• Test - Use a soil test to determine what your crop needs so you are not over applying nutrients.

• Rate - Make sure you have a balanced program and you are getting the greatest productivity per unit of nutrient applied.

• Usability - Placement of nutrients is important; make sure the nutrients are protected from loss and match the crop demands.

• Sustainable - Maximize productivity by understanding the value of micronutrients and nutrient interactions.

• Timeliness - The application of nutrients must be at the right time to match peak demands and the usability window of the nutrient.

• Invest wisely - Know your yield history, know your soil capacity And remember, micro’s matter.

The Claire Initiative

At AgroSpray we honour life, property and the environment, through our commitment to safe and responsible work practices.

Health, safety and the environment are integrated through our work values and practices, and are incorporated into our own best practices. Continuous monitoring and improvement of our systems allow us to manage the effect of our processes on health, safety and the environment.

Continuous assessment of all of our business activities on health, safety and environment is our commitment as a corporate citizen and the focus or our corporate philosophy. Our goal is the continued protection of our employees, customers, suppliers, the public and the environment.

  1. We will maintain an up-to-date and operational emergency response plan, and annually test for effectiveness.
  2. We continuously monitor and access potential hazards, promote safety throughout our operations and implement protective measures where reasonable. We also ensure our employees and customers are educated on the safe and responsible use of our products.
  3. Transportation is approached with a focus on prevention; we maximize the safe handling and transportation of our products, and create awareness and communicate emergency response capabilities.
  4. We aim to protect the health and safety of people and the environment through waste elimination, reduction, recycling, recovery and re-use.


AgroSpray consistently scores AWSA excellence.

The Agrichemical Warehousing Standards Association (AWSA) was founded, and is managed by warehouse operators, manufacturers, distributors and governments working together. Its mission is the continuous improvement of agrichemical warehouse performance in Canada through the establishment of standards to improve environmental protection, working conditions and business risk. This is accomplished by ensuring that crop protection products are stored in certified warehouses. Warehouses are audited every two years by auditors who are specially trained and certified. The Standards are enforced through the diligent issuing and withdrawing of certificates by AWSA. Agrichemical manufacturers will not ship product to uncertified warehouses. In addition AWSA informs, educates and communicates with stakeholders and provides other services as required.