The AgroSpray Research Farm (ARF)
AgroSpray Research Farm

AgroSpray Limited and MGS Farming formed a research partnership in direct response to the need for local research field trials for environmentally responsible nutrient application. This natural collaboration was born from the mutual pursuit of furthering our understanding of plant nutrition. We started our formal field-sized research trials in 2011. Our continued interests in enhancing our understanding of plant nutrition and in sharing our findings with others in the industry were the driving factors; to this day, they remain paramount in all decision-making. We strive to use the latest technologies available to enable responsible nutrient use. For example, our research includes the use of site-specific soil sampling, tissue analysis, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). We incorporate yield map data with soil testing to tailor our nutrient application to soil and plant requirements.

Initially, we had 15 acres of field trials. Currently, ARF trials cover over 100 acres. The soil in our trials is variable, from sand to clay-loam. Our 12 row, field-length trials are randomized, and include a minimum of 3 replications. Our research focuses on field crops, although we look forward to expanding into horticultural crops in the future.

MGS Farming is a third-generation family farm operation located in Blenheim-Blandford Township, Oxford County, Ontario. The family’s grandfather first started farming in the county in 1938. At the farm, we strive to be responsible environmental stewards, and look for opportunities to adapt new and developing agricultural strategies. For example, since the mid-1980s, the majority of the acres have been no-till.

Since 1959, AgroSpray Limited has served the Canadian agricultural industry with specialized crop protection products, equipment, services, and a complete line of balanced High Performance Liquid Fertilizers. Located in Tillsonburg Ontario, AgroSpray continuously supports sustainable agriculture by providing producers of all sizes with innovative and environmentally responsible solutions and the support they need to be efficient and progressive in the industry.

Together, we remain dedicated to researching Responsible Nutrient Management. We will continue to study applications that allow for more usable plant food and in smaller quantities. We will continue to study the importance of balanced formulations that include micro nutrients, precision placement, and prescription programs. We will continue to support sustainable agriculture with environmentally responsible solutions.

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AgroSpray Research Farm