AgroSpray Research Farm (ARF) Field Trial Data
AgroSpray Research Farm

A central strength of the work undertaken at ARF is the scope of its field trials; in contrast to the more traditional small plot research, ARF trials currently cover more than 100 acres. The trials cover a range of soil conditions, from sand to clay-loam. The trials are systematically and scientifically designed, include a control or check treatment, and a minimum of three randomized replications. Consequently, ARF trials strive to achieve the ideal balance between the methods of traditional small plot research and approximating "real world" conditions.

Each year, ARF collects, compiles, and presents our research results in formal trial summaries. These summaries include basic trial information, research objectives, and yield results. The results for the last several growing seasons can be accessed below.

Please feel free to contact us for more details on the results of our research trials.


2015 Field Trial Data

* combined field data